Meet and Fuck Sites

Let’s not beat around the bush – dating is fun, but sometimes you just want to meet and fuck.  Thankfully, there are several apps and sites available for people looking to get down within the next hour.  That being said, you need to keep a few major keys in mind when navigating the murky world of casual sex sites.  Use the tips below to ensure you don’t have a bad, or even dangerous experience.

I’m not going to cover the obvious negatives of sleeping with someone that you just met 30 minutes ago, so let’s get into the positives.  It’s truly sex on-demand, the uber experience of dating – check out this article for a funny take on that.

You can find a hot guy or girl, message then, and instantly meet for sex.  It really seems like the smartphone has unlocked the power to get laid whenever you want.  However, you probably should take a few precautions when having boatloads of casual sex.

#1. Please, always use a condom.  No it doesn’t feel as good, but hey it definitely beats getting an STD or getting pregnant – as someone who has done both, I can make this statement confidently.

#2. Please, do tell a friend where you are going – and more importantly what you’re up to.  Real friends won’t judge you for having casual sex, and the friends who do – well – you don’t want to be friends with them anyways.  Safety is paramount when you’re meeting strangers from an app or website for a freaky night of fun.

#3. Understand that there are no strings attached.  Casual sex is just, well, sex – nothing more nothing less.  You probably shouldn’t get to attached to who ever you’re seeing as you really don’t know their long term intentions – play it safe and keep your expectations low.  That way, you’ll be pleasantly surprised if it turns out to be something more than a fling.

Just remember these 3 tips when you’re looking to meet and fuck tonight.  Yes there are risks, but it can be a very liberating and rewarding experience.  I recommend that everyone have a one night stand at least once in their lives.  Looking to learn more?