9 Flirting Fails You Never Want to Do

Everyone has their fair share of flirting horror stories. From the guy who threw up while hitting on you to the girl who will not leave you alone on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Unfortunately, you might be that guy or that girl for someone. Here are the flirting mistakes you’re making that will keep you from closing.

1. Poor Presentation: Nothing is a bigger turn-off than someone who looks like a slob. At least if your house is a mess no one can tell unless you’re bringing them home. And I guarantee you’re not getting anyone to come home with you if your clothes are stained and your breath stinks. Looks are incredibly important. Shallowness aside, the first thing people see when they meet you is how you look. Just from looking at you people immediately register how you take care of yourself and what kind of person you are. The way you dress is the way you express yourself to people before they even have a chance to meet you. So brush your teeth and check your shirt for stains before leaving the house or risk looking like an absolute garbage person.

2. Lack of Confidence: One of the biggest turn-offs for both genders is a complete lack of confidence. When flirting don’t fidget or avoid eye-contact. Speak surely and don’t hesitate. If you find yourself getting nervous, don’t slouch! Roll your shoulders back, take a deep breath, look them in the eye, and get your flirt on.

3. Being too forward: It seems that just as many people are guilty of this flirting misstep which appears to come from having the polar opposite of no confidence. Keep your ego in check when flirting. Otherwise, you’ll tend to come off as too forward or vulgar. Get your mind – and mouth – out of the gutter and keep your hands to yourself unless she’s giving you the green light.

4. Texting and Talking: Texting while having a conversation should be a ticketable offense. Not only is it downright rude, but you’re also going to give whoever you’re flirting with the impression that you’ve lost interest. Don’t let your phone be more important than the attractive person you’re chatting up.

5. Getting Drunk: Most people prefer to down a little liquid courage when flirting on a night out. However, quite a few of those people tend to get completely hammered. Have control. There is nothing less endearing than a guy getting so drunk he passes out and drools on your favorite dress (I may or may not be speaking from experience). Plus, if a girl isn’t going to take you home if you’re too drunk to perform.

6. Talking too much: Another side effect of nervousness – or outright arrogance – is running your mouth. Not letting the other person talk is incredibly frustrating and makes you look like you’re obsessed with yourself. Silence is scary, but stop talking and give them a chance to respond.

7. Closed body language: Half of flirting is showing you’re interested. Don’t cross your arms or face away from them; these are sure signs of disinterest.

8. Cyber Stalking: There is nothing worse than that one guy who messages you “hey” thirty times in a row on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter. Stop liking their pictures from 25 weeks ago and limit yourself to 3 unanswered messages before you stop reaching out. They might be busy or at work, just relax. If they’re into you, they will respond.

9. Not making moves: This is the worst flirting mistake almost everyone makes. Not flirting at all. Just being friendly won’t let the person know you’re interested! You have to flirt! You laughing at their joke or holding the door for them might seem like a big deal to you, but they probably just think that they’re hilarious and you’re polite. Say something cheeky, toss them a wink, buy them coffee and write something funny like “caution you’re hot” on the cup. Do something very flirty, even if it seems too bold. Otherwise, you’ll be perpetually in the friend zone.

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