About Me

Hey everyone, my name is Brent and this is my first and new blog! I heard that blogging is becoming more popular and a trend so if you were to know me you know that I like to keep up with the trends. I’m also not too good at talking about myself so just a fair warning. I have my PhD in psychology and currently work at a research psychologist. I conduct studies for universities and for different businesses. Before being a research psychologist I was a therapist for many years which I loved. The only reason why I left being a therapist is because this was a better opportunity for me and something new. I like to ski, fish, go to concerts, and shop in my free time! I try to do the occasional hikes and workouts here and there whenever I get the chance as well. I love cars and music and those two combined is what gets me through my day (along with a cold brew). Lucky for me those are 3 easy things to combine. Anyways, I hope I did a good enough job introducing myself. I hope you enjoy what I write about!