Patio Park : A beautiful dog potty!

PATIO PARK, the puppy house breaking and potty training aid!

Patio Park is an adorable dog potty. However, the real beauty is not from the charming picket fence design and mock fire hydrant, but the fact that it uses real grass, turning your terrace into Central Park for your pet. No more frantic rushes home to take your dog out. (Cats love it too!) Puppy house breaking was never so easy!


The Patio Park dog potty is the perfect way to housebreak your dog or puppy. Each dog potty unit is made of tough plastic and measures 56" L x 26" W x 24" H. Light-weight and easy to move from one location to the other, it holds a 2' x 4' section of grass sod with a water reservoir at each end. The self-irrigating system promotes even watering; just add water to the reservoirs and the irrigation strips absorb and distribute it for you. 


Grass can be purchased at a local lawn & garden store or a sod farm. We also sell artificial turf that can be cleaned and re-used (see our Online Store for more details). Special features include: self-irrigating tray with water reservoirs, wall with removable picket fence, mock fire hydrant for aim, disposable plastic liners, and irrigation strips. Optional items include: reusable sod carriers, and nameplate & black chain (for hydrant).

Each Patio Park Includes:
Base Tray
Back Wall
White Picket Fence
Fire Hydrant
(3) Irrigation Strips
(2) Plastic Liners
Patio Park
$229.00 - Shipping included!


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Oops! He will miss the tray, without a backwall and a hydrant as a target. Avoid messes - order a Patio Park today!
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